African Botanical Black Soap

African Botanical Black Soap

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Rich exfoliating African formula for dead skin cells, unclogging pores, smooth skin refining texture and brightens skin tone revealing a luminous even and clear glow. 


▪️Eliminates dead cells and rough skin

▪️Supports natural cell renewal

▪️Reveals luminous, even toned skin

▪️Contents: 200ml

▪️Recommended for all skin types as directed.



▪️Can be used daily by all skin types.

▪️Should be used in the shower, apply directly to a wet body sponge or washcloth

▪️Massage rich African soap onto wet skin gently paying particular attention to the elbows, knees and heels.

▪️Use Pehlora body hydrator appropriate for your skin type such as pure radiance skin repairing oil followed by our toners, serums and lotions.



Key ingredients :


▪️Theobroma cacao(Cocoa pods) :

Raw cocoa pods increase the elasticity of your skin, which helps with fine lines, wrinkles and reduces the appearance of scars.

▪️Arecaceae(palm tree) :

enhancing moisture retention and supplying nourishing antioxidants such as vitamin E, carotenes etc.

▪️Musa × paradisiaca (plantain bark) :

mild anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antihemorrhagic, and expectorant actions

Ingredients :

Musa paradisiaca(plant bark), arecaceae(palm oil), theobroma cacao(Cocoa pod), Vitellaria paradoxa(shea butter), Hibiscus rosa-sinensis, Azadirachta indicaneem powder (neem leaf powder), Salvia rosmarinus(rosemary), Helianthus(sunflower oil) Pure honey, Curcuma longa(turmeric), Santalum album(sandalwood), activated Charcoal, vitamin b3,citric acid, sodium benzoate.