Our story

Peh Lawrencia, the entrepreneur behind the Pehlora brand spent her younger years researching about remedies to aid her family achieve their skincare goals. She acquired knowledge to bring to life the lack of quality and effective cruelty free beauty products for her African families and eventually friends. Words were passed on and discussions were made about her ability to help her mother with an excessive acne breakouts and other skin conditions.
People from the neighborhood seeking gentle, yet effective products addressing discolorations, uneven skin tone and oily skin turned to find quality, botanical-based formulations from her to help correct the mistakes of other skin care products. 
Fueled by her zeal and passion with the goal of providing for her family, friends and anyone ready to embrace the goodness of quality botanical - based skincare products, she produced the well-known Pure radiance skin repairing oil as her first product to the world, and eventually created undoubtedly effective PEHLORA line of products specifically formulated to address the needs of skins according to types and complexions. Pehlora's formulations are highly infused with botanical actives inspired by the beauty practice of indigenous African women who believed in the practice of natural blends to protect, brighten, and heal their complexions to maintain, restore and improve its beauty.
Combining this ancient potions with improved technology, Pehlora's team of researchers used modern technologies to develop high quality brightening, healing and totally safe cosmetic products for the world in a whole such as, scrubs, lotions, creams, serums, african inspired soaps, body washers, healing creams, perfumes, essential and carrier oils, massage therapy oils, aroma therapy perfumed oils, plant extracts, etc. 
From a humble successful beginning in Accra Ghana to an effective global distribution network today worldwide.
Pehlora's brand is a strong and proven record of safely healing products which are highly technologically advanced. 
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